2013 Ford Mustang

Yay or nay, say what you may – it’s not going to change Dearborn’s confirmed decision to offer the sixth-gen Ford Mustang (2012 fifth-gen V6 model pictured) with a turbocharged 2.3 litre four-cylinder engine in Europe, where larger engines such as V8s are highly taxed.

Edmunds.com reports that the unit in question is derived from the turbocharged 2.0 litre EcoBoost found in the Focus ST. It is understood that up to 300 hp will be on tap – a 50 hp jump. However, traditional buyers on the Continent will be glad to know V8 options will still be offered.

Ford will even reportedly build in RHD for the UK – which gives us Malaysians a sliver of hope, at the very least. Unsurprisingly, the US will not get the four-pot engine; continuing instead with the familiar V6 and V8 line-up. Quite a number of Stateside reports actually show dismay at this!

It isn’t as much of a departure from tradition as you might think – the Mustang SVO of the 1980s also used a four-cylinder engine, that also displaced 2.3 litres, and was also turbocharged. Then again, that one doesn’t quite pop into your head instantly when you think of a Mustang, does it?

This one does though, and as you correctly guess, produces somewhat more than 300 ponies.