volvo airbag

A year after introducing its Pedestrian Airbag Technology on its Volvo V40, Volvo has unveiled its External Vehicle Protection (EnVeloP) system, which takes things a step further.

The EnVeloP system consists of a small container built in the roof of the car, which contains a folded-in, vacuum pulled balloon of similar material to existing airbags. In the case of an impending collision, whether it’s with another car, a roadside object or even when coming into contact with surface water, the balloon unfolds within the blink of an eye around the car, completely enveloping the car and ensuring damage is minimised.

volvo airbag 1

The system, the company says, is the embodiment of its brand philosophy, Designed Around You. Instead of finding new areas inside the car where more airbag-like safety systems could be added, the company is exploring covering the complete car in an airbag-like solution.

Currently, the External Vehicle Protection system is still in a testing phase, but Volvo is investigating whether the system can be fitted in future Volvo offerings.