Tired of your misfiring wingman (or wingwoman)? Let your MINI play cupid for you, with its latest MINI Connected (now available in the latest MINI range) App called Connect Us. It’s the world’s speediest dating service, and also the most reliable.

Exclusive for MINI drivers, you’re guaranteed to find a date with the same taste in cars. Additionally, not only does it track and match possible pairings’ personal interests, favourite activities and hobbies, MINI Connect Us gets down to the nitty-gritty detail: driving style – crucial in the search for a compatible co-driver on the journey of love.

MINI claims the way you treat your accelerator, steering wheel and brakes shows everyone the real you. MINI Driving Excitement Analyser would process all that, while the Connect Us app would deduce a meeting of minds on the matter of driving fun to oil the wheels of romance between MINI owners.

You’ve been warned however, to not take your eyes off the road just when things are getting interesting. Think MINI is taking the Mickey out of you? Well, let’s just say that the Connect Us app is exclusively available for download today, April 1.