Subaru has introduced the world’s first vehicle self-cleaning function on the Subaru XV. Available in the UK from April 1, the company’s AF Self-Cleaning Technology can be specified as an option for £1,412 (RM6,644), excluding VAT.

Developed with some of the world’s leading electrical engineers, AF Self-Cleaning Technology works as such: at the push of a button on the key fob, nanogenerators convert energy present in the environment into electrical energy, which activates harmless low-voltage currents on the car’s outer body surface.

These currents then flow in precise, overlapping patterns to agitate and dissolve micro-attachments on the body surface, such as dirt and dust, without using a drop of water.

Focus groups have revealed that Subaru drivers are active people who lead active lives, who don’t want to waste their time washing their car at the weekend. The team has developed the technology bearing this in mind, to make their customers’ lives that little bit easier.

Subaru hasn’t yet said if other models in their range will receive the AF Self-Cleaning Technology; our guess is it’ll only be a matter of time. It’ll be a pretty handy convenience on rally Imprezas, we think.