This isn’t the latest version of the Lexus LF-LC concept coupe to be shown to the public (the latest was a blue version for Sydney 2012), but it’s still nevertheless a stunner, especially in a sea of silver and grey cars at the Lexus stand at the Seoul Motor Show 2013. The LF-LC was put on a rotating pedestal, while even the mighty LFA was relegated to a corner of the display.

We’ve just heard from Wards’s Auto that according to Lexus VP of marketing Brian Smith, the Lexus LF-LC has been pretty much green lighted for production as a coupe with a price tag similiar to the flagship Lexus LS luxo-barge. If that happens, Lexus will get a sports car again – the LFA is sold out and let’s try not to bring up the bland looking SC 430. An LC 600h with the hybrid powertrain from the LS 600h, anyone?