The Chinese auto market’s obsession with long wheelbase cars has reached a new height, or should we say length with this super-stretched Jaguar XJ. Chinese motoring portal discovered these leaked drawings of a patent application for an XJ limo that looks like no other.

It’s both longer and taller, which betrays the industry-standard practice of increasing the wheelbase along the length of the rear doors. It now uses a bespoke set of rear doors that end far ahead of the rear wheels, as the entire car seems to have been stretched by over a full metre.

The roof is raised gradually from the standard windscreen rake, with an angular rear window line that has more than a passing resemblance to that of a Rolls-Royce Phantom. The back pillars are set steeper than before too, somewhat ruining the standard XJ’s svelte rear quarters.

It’s yet unknown if this is the work of Jaguar itself or a specialised limo manufacturer, though the apparent lack of design cohesion would suggest at the latter. More legroom is a matter of want rather than need, obviously, but the raised roof is indeed baffling. Any chance top hats are making a comeback in China?