Subaru Tecnica International, better known as STI, has revealed on its Japanese website teaser images of what appears to be a Subaru BRZ STI. Apart from that it’s ‘Coming Soon’ and is about ‘Purity of Handling,’ little to no information is known about the car.

That doesn’t stop the speculation, though. The Subaru BRZ STI, if this teased vehicle is indeed that, could probably get more power (turbo?), suspension upgrades and additional dress-up bits adorning its coupe body. Oh, and will it be AWD?

However, the latest talk is that a hotter Toyota 86 is unlikely to happen due to cost concerns – will Subaru be able to go it alone here, without help from the maker of its twin sister? Lots of questions, and very few answers. Guess we’ll just have to let time tell.

The regular Subaru BRZ officially entered the Malaysian scene in June. It is offered here with a six-speed auto ‘box, but a six-speed manual is available through special order.