There’s a new, more hardcore version of the Subaru BRZ. Bad news is, it’s only available in Australia, and it’s not the STI version that everyone is asking for. This then, is the Subaru BRZ S. You can think of it as Subaru’s equivalent to the Toyota 86 TRD – extra flash for more cash, but sadly it goes without any performance enhancements.

A full-blown STI it is not, but it does get a dose of the official Subaru performance arm’s magic touch. Externally the S-pack includes STI-branded front spoiler, side skirts, rear diffuser, lip spoiler and snazzy 17-inch black alloy wheels. Under the sheetmetal you’ll find a new flexible tower bar, a set of lowered coil springs and an STI push start button.

The optional S-pack lists for AUD$7,195 for automatic BRZs and AUD$7,995 for the manual variant, which further adds on a quick-shift gear lever assembly and an STI Duracon shift knob. Existing BRZ owners can retrofit the officially sanctioned sports pack too, as all the parts are installed on ground in Australia, with the added guarantee of a factory warranty.

Here in Malaysia, the Subaru BRZ has just been introduced last month for RM247k. Do check out our launch report and additional showroom gallery to see the Malaysian-spec BRZ in detail.