2013 toyota vios brochure front

Sometime last month, photos of the Malaysian-spec 2013 Toyota Vios emerged in an ad on oto.my, offering the first visual take of the local car, which is expected to be launched in October. As recently as last week, the new Vios was spotted on a transporter here.

UPDATE: 2013 Toyota Vios now launched in Malaysia – click here for the launch report

Now, another ad for it has popped up on oto.my, this time offering scans of the car’s brochure leaflet and as such, the specifications for the Malaysian Vios. The resolution isn’t terrific, but you can nonetheless make out what’s on it. You can view the ad here: 2013 Toyota Vios on oto.my.

Five variants are set to be introduced, the baseline 1.5J in both manual and auto guise, a 1.5E, 1.5G auto and a range-topping 1.5 TRD Sportivo version. Common to all is the 1.5 litre 1NZ-FE, which produces 109 PS at 6,000 rpm and 141 Nm of torque at 4,200 rpm, paired to the tried and trusty four-speed auto box (or five-speed manual in the 1.5J MT).

2013 toyota vios brochure rear

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The Vios wears halogen headlamps throughout the range, with that for the 1.5E and 1.5J being complex surface reflector units, while the 1.5G and 1.5 TRD Sportivo get projectors, the ones on the TRD variant featuring a smoked finish.

The brochure lists 15-inch alloys with 185/60 profile tyres for all variants – no sign anywhere of the 16-inch and 195/50 rubbers that the Thai Grade S model wears, so it’s just fifteens to be had by the looks of it.

Interior-wise, the 1.5E and 1.5J gets a black interior, with black fabric seats for the 1.5J and two-tone grey/black units for the 1.5E. The 1.5G, meanwhile, gets an ivory-shaded interior, with seats wrapped in dark ivory perforated leather.

As for the TRD Sportivo, the variant gets dressed up with combination black/red perforated leather seats, with the steering wheel and gearshift knob also finished in leather. The TRD Sportivo will also come with a Sports Analgue meter combination, with the multi-info display offering a range of drive monitor modes compared to the 1.5E and 1.5J’s odometer/trip meter-only readouts.

As for entertainment systems, standard issue is a dashboard integrated CD/MP3 player for the 1.5E, 1.5G and TRD Sportivo, with the 1.5J getting a two-DIN CD/MP3 head unit. The units are paired to six speakers in the case of the 1.5G and TRD Sportivo, while the 1.5E and 1.5J make do with four.

Two optional two-DIN DVD-AVN systems are listed, in seven-inch and 5.8-inch touch-screen sizes. Aside from MP3/USB/Aux/SD Card functionality, Bluetooth connectivity and reverse camera common to both, the seven-inch adds a smartphone link, voice recognition (command) and navigation to the mix. This might be identical to the unit as seen on the Indonesian market version.

Standard equipment across the range are dual airbags, ISOFIX points as well as ABS with EBD and brake assist (no VSC present in the kitbag), while the 1.5G and TRD Sportivo features a smart entry/push-start ignition, the 1.5E and 1.5J making do with the conventional keyed route. Oh, and pricing – the ad lists an estimated pricing of RM80k to RM97k for the Vios range.