2013_Toyota_Vios_IIMS_ 001

While we wait for the 2013 Toyota Vios to be launched here very soon, here’s a gallery of photos of a 2013 Toyota Vios live from the Toyota stand at IIMS 2013.

UPDATE: 2013 Toyota Vios now launched in Malaysia – click here for the launch report

You’re looking at the Toyota Vios 1.5 G Auto model, which is top of the line in Indonesia and comes with a two tone interior and a touch-screen infotainment system. This particular Vios 1.5 G isn’t standard – it’s kitted with large sporty rims and subtle body decals for show car purposes. Inspiration for would be Vios owners here in Malaysia perhaps? You won’t be able to get your Malaysian Vios to look exactly like this though, because as far as we’ve been informed, red is not one of the colours offered in Malaysia.

While Indonesia only has three variants of the Vios on sale, (1.5 E Manual, 1.5 G Manual and 1.5 G Auto), the Malaysian range is more diverse. Our Vios line-up starts from a Vios 1.5 J Manual with an estimated price tag of RM73,200. Then there’s also the 1.5 J Auto, a 1.5 E Auto, a 1.5 G Auto and the top of the line 1.5 TRD Sportivo priced at an estimated RM93,200. Check out preliminary pricing and specs for the 2013 Toyota Vios in our previous story: 2013 Toyota Vios now open for booking in Malaysia.

The 1.5 E variant of the Malaysian spec Vios was previewed in a Vios Spot & Snap Cruisers teaser campaign throughout September 2013. Check out the preview car here: 2013 Toyota Vios – Spot & Snap reveals the Grade E.