This is the first time we’ve seen this prototype on test. It appears to have the new Peugeot family front-end, and judging from its size, it appears to be some kind of C-segment sedan. Might we be looking at a Peugeot 308 sedan on test, or perhaps the new Peugeot 408?

Other than the outline of the front grille and bumper, there are some other details peeking through the heavy zebra-like disguise. We know the headlamps have integrated daytime running lights, as those are peeking through, and from the rear angle we can see bits of the tail lamp design, which look like they’re lit up with LED technology.


This car isn’t to be confused with the Peugeot 301, which is a ‘conquest car’, Peugeot’s term for entry-level cars aimed at increasing market share in emerging markets such as BRIC countries. The incrementing number method of naming models are now gone – the new naming scheme is made up of models with a ‘1’ suffix being conquest cars, while models with ‘8’ at the end of the numbering badge are premium cars.

The previous-generation 308 actually had two different sedans built on it. One was a 308 Sedan, and another was a larger 408, which was based on the 308. We’ve covered both cars before in our previous posts, but only the 408 is on sale in Malaysia. Theophilus Chin rendered a Peugeot 308 sedan earlier this month – see how one could look like in the gallery below.