Following the initial images seen earlier today, here are the first details about the second-generation Peugeot 308, which will make its debut in Frankfurt in September.

Some basic figures to start with. The C-segment offering, which sits on the company’s new EMP2 modular platform (which has no less than 116 technology patent applications, so it goes), measures in a 4.25 metres long and 1.46 metres tall, while boot volume is rated at 470 litres. Weight is also down from its predecessor, the new car tipping the scales up to 140 kg less.

In addition to the new exterior lines and flow, the new 308 features a more refined and upmarket interior, in line with the move to bring the marque upmarket in terms of presentation. Elements in the i-cockpit offer improved ergonomics, with a more complete integration of controls translates to fewer buttons and a cleaner dashboard. A 9.7-inch touchscreen is integral to things.

As yet, no mention of powertrain/drivetrain choices, but the automaker says that the new 308 will be more dynamic than the outgoing car, but also offer more in the way of general comfort as well. European sales of the car, which will be built at the company’s Sochaux plant in France, begins in autumn after the showing in Frankfurt.