suzuki x-lander concept

You’ve seen the Crosshiker concept, and now, here’s the Suzuki X-Lander, another design study from Hamamatsu that will debut in Tokyo. The company says that it’s based on the Jimny, but the name is about as far as it goes, if you’re basing it on looks alone.

The topless Suzy two-seater is certainly wacky-looking, displaying plenty of heft. The automaker says it’s “loaded with full of playful touches so that the vehicle looks like a fusion of off-road power and mechanical precision,” and happily adds that “it wants drivers to use this car in the city and sometimes go out to play in the field.”

Which presumably means through rain or shine. If you’re not the sort who’d be mindful of inclement weather, bashing around in it should be a gas – the door cutouts means you won’t be sloshing in it come rain.

The 4WD X-Lander (to mean crosslander, presumably) is powered by a 1.3 litre mill, which is paired to a newly-developed automatically-controlled manual transmission, with a compact lightweight hybrid system – equipped with a high-efficiency motor – helping to add pep.