The facelifted Lexus CT 200h Hybrid has been sighted again, and this time with the tapes on the rear are gone, making this car pretty much the 100% undisguised real deal. We have a view of the other side of the car this time, so we can confirm there’s no additional flap for plug-on charging.

The first time we saw this car, we only saw one side of the car so we couldn’t tell if there was a a new flap for plug-in charging. This means the CT 200h most likely continues to use the Toyota Prius’ hybrid system instead of the new system with plug-in charging capabilities in the Prius Plug-in.

The new Lexus spindle grille updates the front and gives the CT 200h a much more aggressive look. Of course, this is the F Sport version so it’s kitted up front to rear to look fierce anyway.

Since the car is pretty much ready and already undergoing professional photoshoots (hence the lack of disguise), we’re expecting an introduction sometime in Q4 2013 or Q1 2014.