Mercedes-Benz Malaysia first showed us the hot new A 45 AMG last month, before confirming the uber-hatch’s RM348,888 local price tag, just RM10k higher than the initial RM339k figure we saw on Malaysian car classifieds website

The car on sale for now is the Edition 1, which includes extra bits of equipment. The full equipment list can be viewed if you click the two pages of price lists that we’ve embedded above. Since the Edition 1 is supposed to be a limited run, the A 45 AMG should be reverting to a regular non-Edition 1 version later.

The pocket-rocket AMG car produces a massive 360 hp and 450 Nm from its AMG-tuned 2.0 litre engine. In comparison, that’s more torque than the V8-powered BMW M3, from an engine half the size. Ah, the wonders of turbocharging. Because there’s so much power and torque shoved into a front-wheel drive chassis, Mercedes-Benz has equipped the car with 4MATIC all-wheel drive. Zero to 100 km/h is achieved in just 4.6 seconds, and the car can achieve an electronically-limited 250 km/h top speed.

A hat tip to Yeoh Lam Thye and Farhat Haniff for sending over the price list.