mercedes-benz a 250 sportoto

An ad for the Mercedes-Benz A 250 Sport has surfaced on, with an indicative pricing of RM238,888 for the car being listed, as well as an estimated market introduction in July, ahead of the earlier mentioned third-quarter arrival. The A 200 also has a tentative price, this being RM198,888. Another ad has an indicative price for the A 45 AMG at RM338,888.

UPDATE: The Mercedes-Benz A-Class has been officially launched in Malaysia. Read our launch report and view the pics here.

Now, while the quoted prices sound pretty competitive, actual launch pricing may differ by a fair bit, so guess we’ll all have to wait until the car arrives to see if it all rings true.

The W176 was first spied on a transporter last month, and then made an appearance – albeit clad in wrap – at a Petronas showcase for the 2013 Petronas Malaysian GP. Supposedly, the ad states that very limited units of the car will be allocated for the Malaysian market for 2013 – it probably rings true, that claim, because the beauty-contest winner is going great guns sales-wise in Europe.

The A 250 Sport was of course quite the trick performer when we drove it in Slovenia during the international media drive for the W176 A-Class.