mercedes-benz a 250 sport 1

Ah, seems that you don’t have to go hunting high and low to catch the Mercedes-Benz A 250 Sport in the metal – a said example of the W176 A-Class is being previewed at the 2013 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix showcase at the concourse area of Suria KLCC at the moment, albeit clad in wrap. Might be the same car caught on camera last week, or might be another example.

Whatever it is, the pretty-looking thing can be viewed at the showcase right up until March 24 – reader Ernest Kok sent in a set of pix of the car over the weekend, and our man-about-town, Jonathan Tan, was on location yesterday and had his camera handy, so we’ve now got a bunch of shots of the display A 250 Sport.

Looks like the Petronas display vehicle might be up for grabs too – Petronas has a Mesra Store Promotion contest running until April 30, and that one lists an A-Class as the grand prize. Based on the info, one will have to make in-store purchases to be in the running, and petrol or diesel purchases don’t count, nor do cigarettes, flour, cooking oil or sugar.

Right, just how much chocolate and snacks can you eat in an attempt to land the W176 then? :)