Ford continues work on the upcoming mid-life facelift for the Ford Focus, and we actually notice that since the last time we saw the Focus facelift back sometime in the middle of this year, the prototypes have actually added on disguise instead of shedding them.

This could mean that Ford probably has more significant changes planned for the Focus mid-life update than what was previously suggested, and the prototypes have only just been updated so there has to be more disguise tacked on. In these recent shots, we notice that the mules have been given temporary headlamps and tail lamps that are functional but not of any particular design.


We also have one photo of the interior of the new Focus, which shows a new design for the dashboard. The lower aircond controls have been revamped for a more futuristic design that includes Volvo-like air flow direction controls in the shape of a human. The current car’s centre stack looks like this.

We also notice the buttons of the infotainment controls are a lot larger now, which means they’re probably a lot easier to identify and press without taking your eyes off the road. This particular car looks like it has a low spec version of the infotainment system though.

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