These patent drawings reveal what the upcoming third bodystyle of the BMW 4-Series will look like. This four door ‘GranCoupe’ will be joining the already unveiled coupe and convertible variants.

We’ve already seen revealing spyshots of both the Sport Line and M Sport versions of the 4-Series GranCoupe being tested so how it looks like isn’t really a surprise.

We now have an incredible amount of four door BMWs in the same segment. There’s the four door 3-Series, a slightly larger 3-Series GT, and now a 4-Series Gran Coupe.

Unlike the greater differentiation between the 5-Series and the 6-Series Gran Coupe where the two models have completely different interiors, BMW rather lazily chose to gave every single 3-er and 4-er the exact same interior. Will the 4-Series Gran Coupe be special enough to differentiate it from the 3-Series sedan?