Here’s a first view at the design of the upcoming Proton P2-30A Global Small Car’s tail lamp. This unit was on test in Europe. It was snapped by Safouan and uploaded to the ‘reporter’ section of French website Auto Plus. It shows a trapezoidal-shaped clear section at the bottom and a red section at the top.

We’ve already seen the P2-30A on Malaysian roads at night with its brake indicators on, which would be somewhere in the section of red just above the section where the lense is clear. The clear lense should contain the turn signals and the reverse indicator.

In the meanwhile, the P2-30A continues to be sighted in Malaysia. Today’s set of Malaysian spyshots were contributed by reader David Cheah. The Malaysian test units continue to wear heavy disguise.

This new B-segment P2-30A is supposed to be launched within the first half of 2014. A name has already been picked, as part of a naming contest called “Nama Siapa Hebat”. The winner will get a premium spec automatic version of the car.