Peugeot will be showcasing this new concept car at the 2014 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition, also known as Auto China 2014, taking place towards the end of April. It’s said to be of the same lineage as the Peugeot Onyx concept car, functioning as a teaser of the brand’s future design language.

Although Peugeot doesn’t specifically call it a C-segment car, they did provide the car’s length and height, which is 4,730 mm and 1,310 mm respectively. The 4,730 mm length is somewhere in between the current C-segment 408‘s 4,680 mm length and the D-segment 508‘s 4,792 mm length.

We sighted a disguised prototype sedan that appeared to look like a sedan version of the new 308 in September last year. Check it out in the gallery below.