Honda Malaysia has put up a teaser on its website for an upcoming car, and we’re guessing it’s the new 2014 Honda City. The teaser is in the form of a three by three grid of nine icons, each representing a feature of the new Honda City. No launch date is mentioned.

The features being teased are from the first row to the bottom, left to right – ECON mode, Push Start Button, 16 inch alloy wheels, seven inch display audio, cruise control, 1.5 litre i-VTEC engine with CVT gearbox, rear air conditioning, platinum front grille, and six airbags.

Yes, it appears that the CVT gearbox will make a return to the Malaysian spec Honda City in this generation, instead of a five speed automatic. Both the Indian market and Thai market cars that we’ve seen unveiled this year so far also use a CVT gearbox.

Despite the mention of six airbags, curiously VSA stability control isn’t mentioned as one of the features. We hope this could just mean the extra mention would cause inconvenience in fitting every feature in a 9 box grid and the car eventually ends up with VSA stability control as standard on all models. With the second-generation car, only the E and E+ variants get VSA stability control. It would be great if VSA was standard on the Malaysian spec cars just like how it is in Thailand, where airbag count varies but VSA remains standard across all six Thai spec variants.

The features being teased will of course very likely only be standard for the top end variants, with niceties like cruise control and the seven inch display likely to be omitted from the cheaper variants. It’s still a question right now how many variants the third gen City will get.


An ad on our sister car classifieds website claims we’ll get four variants – S, S+, E and V, with a price range of between RM74k to RM89k. An estimated launch date of mid March 2014 is given, with first batch deliveries claimed to be in April.

Other than the features listed in Honda Malaysia’s official teaser, the ad also mentions VSA stability control, keyless entry, as well as HDMI and USB ports.