Myvi UK

Perodua has committed operational funds worth £1.2 million (RM6 million) to support its UK distributor, Perodua UK Limited (PDUK). The agreement is meant to bolster the brand’s after sales services in the country, including ensuring the availability of spare parts, warranty as well as normal maintenance services.

“We wish to assure our customers in the UK that we remain committed in supporting them and our business partner (PDUK) despite no longer supplying our vehicles here,” said Perodua president and CEO, Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh. The sum will be distributed in instalments to PDUK every quarter until the end of 2020.

As of last year, Perodua was still selling the first-generation Myvi in the UK. The local carmaker has sold nearly 13,000 units of the Nippa (the Kancil to you and I), Kelisa, Kenari and Myvi since it started its operation in the UK in 1998, supported by 55 service dealers in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands.

Now that supply to the UK is no more, Perodua currently exports to seven countries, including Indonesia (as the Daihatsu Sirion), Singapore, Brunei, Fiji, Mauritius, Nepal and Sri Lanka.