Yet another Beijing debutant has been announced, this time the Mercedes-Benz Concept Coupe SUV. With this reveal, one of the world’s worst kept secrets is out – Stuttgart is hard at work on a big coupe-like SUV to take on the BMW X6. We all know it was inevitable, but at least pretend to be surprised now, everyone.

Design wise, we see a lot of the new GLA compact SUV and even the S-Class Coupe in the Mercedes Concept Coupe SUV. Following the German marque’s recent turn of form (see the earlier GLA and S-Class Coupe concepts), expect most of the styling elements you see here to make it to the production version.

The upcoming production model should carry the much-rumoured MLC nameplate, and be based on the platform used by the current W166 ML-Class. Munich’s original coupe SUV (which is up for a timely update very soon) won’t be short on rivals, as Audi will soon have its own Q6 lined up too. Game on, then.