Nissan has inaugurated its second assembly plant in Indonesia. The opening of the 60,000 sq metre facility – which is located in Purwakarta, 80 km from Jakarta – will expand the brand’s production capacity in the country from 100,000 units annually to 250,000.

Built at a cost of 33 billion yen (RM1.05 billion), the Purwakata plant features a body assembly line, paint and trim shops as well as chassis operations, and will generate up to an additional 3,000 jobs in the region.

Initial production will be dedicated to assembling Datsun vehicles for Indonesian buyers, in this case the Datsun GO hatchback and GO+ MPV. Last year, it was reported that both models would begin selling in Indonesia this year, with prices starting below 100 million Rupiah (below RM29,000).

Nissan also confirmed the approval of its Low Cost Green Car (LCGC) programme license, issued by the Indonesian government, allowing the brand to join the burgeoning LCGC segment. The automaker said it expects to sell more than 90,000 units in the country in 2014, and added that it is planning to increase the number of sales outlets from 100 to 130 during the year.