Driven 2014 Ep3 D-Segment Battle- 3

Selamat Hari Raya, everyone! Driven Web Series is on a break this week, so if you haven’t already, do catch up on the three episodes we’ve released so far this season. Honda City vs Toyota Vios vs Nissan Almera? MINI Cooper vs Citroen DS3 vs VW Beetle? Nissan Teana vs Honda Accord vs Kia Optima K5? Check, check, check, and then some.

We have four more exciting episodes lined up for your viewing this season. No, we haven’t forgotten the C-segment, or the premium brands – we’ve got all that and more in store. Next week, we’ll feature close to 1,000 hp between Harve, Hafriz and Jonathan. Trust us, you won’t want to miss that one :)

Episode 1 – 2014 Honda City 1.5 V vs Toyota Vios 1.5 TRD Sportivo vs Nissan Almera 1.5 VL

Episode 2 feat. Megan Tan – F56 MINI Cooper Chilli vs Citroen DS3 vs Volkswagen Beetle 1.4 TSI

Episode 3 – 2014 Nissan Teana 2.0 XL vs Honda Accord 2.0 VTi-L vs Kia Optima K5 2.0 Facelift