If you’ve been following us here and on our social platforms, you’d know by now that the Driven Web Series is back. To kick things off in 2019, we’ve lined up the most anticipated SUV shootout yet, featuring Proton’s first ever SUV, the X70.

Priced from RM99,800 to RM123,800, the C-segment Proton SUV immediately positions itself as a hard bargain to pass, significantly undercutting the Honda CR-V (segment leader by way of sales) in pricing and, depending on variant, specs.

From a value perspective, the Subaru XV 2.0i Premium is easily one of the strongest contenders for the money, offering great handling dynamics, road holding characteristics, refinement and ride comfort, all for RM126,788.

So, just how will the Proton X70 stack up against the CR-V (our previous top pick) and the athletic XV? Find out in the next Driven Web Series episode, which goes live this weekend. Stay tuned, folks!