Thought we’ve seen enough teasers of the Jaguar XE? Wrong – the company has just released one more on its Twitter and Instagram accounts before it pulls the cover off its BMW 3 Series fighter later in the evening in the UK (or early tomorrow morning on our side of the world).

Nothing much to be seen here, just a picture of the cloaked side profile of the car, with the cloth hitched up to reveal the XF-like front, the handsome wheels and a peek at the fender vents. The figure it cuts seems quite a bit slinkier than the more upright F30 3 Series, again much like how the XF has a sleeker roofline than the F10 5 Series. With Jaguar’s standard sedans already looking like this, no need for four-door coupes!

The XE sits on a all-new, mostly aluminium architecture with an F-Type-based front suspension and Jaguar’s new “Integral Link” rear suspension. Power comes from a range of new turbocharged Ingenium engines that will find their way under the bonnets of Jaguars and Land Rovers to come.