Remember the Proton Iriz prototype with the LG ADAS stereo camera that we saw at the Alami Proton carnival last weekend? Well, it looks like it’s being tested on the road now – our photographer Sherman Sim happened to see it at the Petronas station on KESAS, across the road from the Proton headquarters. So naturally, out came his camera.

The ADAS stereo camera allows active safety technologies to be implemented such as Autonomous Emergency Braking, Forward Collision Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition and Lane Departure Warning. All of this is thanks to the car being given a pair of “eyes” positioned near the rear view mirror.

This could be interpreted a few ways – Proton could be working on an Iriz with these active safety features in the future, or it could be part of LG demonstrating these technologies to Proton in hopes of getting a new customer.

In any case, EuroNCAP recently made Autonomous Emergency Braking mandatory for a car to get a full five-star safety rating. Real world data suggests that these systems can reduce accidents by up to 27%. So if Proton wants the Iriz to achieve a five-star result in EuroNCAP (like it has done with ASEAN NCAP), at the very least it will have to be equipped with an emergency braking feature, be it from LG or other suppliers.