Amidst the local recall of the Beetle and claimed resolution of DSG-related issues, Volkswagen Group Malaysia (VGM) MD Armin Keller reiterated the company’s commitment to its customers at a press briefing today, and outlined the measures it is taking to improve customer satisfaction in the country.

“We acknowledge that we have made mistakes in the past, but (now) we want to overfulfil expectations – we want to go the extra mile,” he said, citing vehicle servicing as an example, where there have been issues concerning long waiting times for parts and insufficient servicing capacities in the past.

As such, VGM will be increasing their service capacity by 30% nationwide, through the expansion of existing service centres, the opening of new dealerships including 3S and 4S centres, and an increase in the number of technicians.

Volkswagen Armin Keller

Keller said 10 experts from Germany have arrived at the main dealership, and they will do a rotation around service centres to provide on-site coaching. More transparent communication with customers and the media is also mentioned.

Additionally, from November 1, VGM will provide courtesy cars in the event of vehicle breakdowns. Dealers will have Jetta, Touran and Passat courtesy cars for customers whose vehicles have to be in the workshop for more than 24 hours.

Parts ordering and delivery now happens daily through a parts depot in Singapore. VGM are looking to increase that to twice daily, through the building of two parts depots in Malaysia – a main one in Johor Bahru and one in Kuala Lumpur for fast delivery. The KL parts depot is targeted for completion by year-end.