Volkswagen Armin Keller

Volkswagen Group Malaysia (VGM) MD Armin Keller has said to members of the media at a press briefing today that all DSG-related issues have been resolved, for new cars as well as existing ones.

Customer cars that have been reported to have DSG (DQ 200 – the dry-clutch seven-speeder) issues have had their mechatronic units replaced with a new version. Additionally, mineral gearbox oil is now used instead of synthetic oil, and according to Keller, following these updates, no issues have been reported thus far.

Also, all new Volkswagen cars in showrooms now have received these counter-measures, and based on the latest after-sales update, tech solutions have already been found for all issues. Reported engine issues have also been fixed, he said, although he did not elaborate on the technical measures taken.

Bold claims indeed – as such, we’d really like to hear from Volkswagen owners – has your car undergone the said updates, and if so, how does your car perform now? Please share with us in the comments below.