The Melaka branch of the Road Transport Department (JPJ) is offering a free window tint inspection to ensure that vehicles in the Historic State abide by the latest regulations, according to Bernama.

The national news agency quotes JPJ Melaka’s director Azaharuldin Abdullah as saying that the checks will be provided at the Enforcement Division at JPJ Bukit Katil from 9 am to 4 pm every Monday to Friday.

“We are still giving motorists in the state an opportunity to replace the tint of their vehicle windscreens and windows to meet the specifications,” he told reporters after JPJ’s integrated operation at the Alor Gajah-Melaka-Jasin (AMJ) Expressway in Bukit Piatu yesterday night.

Current (left) and upcoming new tint regulations.
VLT expressed in percentages; the lower the number, the darker the tint

Azaharuldin added that JPJ Melaka also issued an advisory notice regarding window tints to 859 vehicles in the state during a special operation which ran in a number of locations around Melaka from November 1-5. The move was done in order for owners to better understand the upcoming visible light transmission (VLT) regulations before their implementation, which is now reportedly set for next March.

These notices were also issued to another 39 owners whose vehicles did not meet the required specifications in the aforementioned integrated operation.

The new ruling calls for a VLT of at least 30% on the rear windscreen and rear side windows, down from 50% previously. This means that owners can opt to tint those areas darker than before, similar to privacy glass that is popular in Europe. Windscreen and front side window VLT is retained at 70% and 50% respectively.