According to a Berita Harian report, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) will be enforcing new vehicle tint regulations from November 1.

The new rules specify minimum permissible visible light transmission (VLT) levels of 70% for the windscreen, 50% for the front side windows and 30% for all other windows (rear side windows and rear screen), the report says.

The current rules stipulate 70% VLT for the windscreen and 50% VLT for all other windows (all side windows and the rear screen). This means that under the reported new rules, your rear side windows and rear screen may now wear darker tint.

JPJ director-general Datuk Seri Ismail Ahmad told BH that the revised tint regulations are in line with international standards. They apply to all Malaysian-registered vehicles, with exceptions given to certain parties.

Current (left) and reported new tint regulations effective November 1.
VLT expressed in percentages; the lower the number, the darker the tint

“(Translated) Exceptions are given to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, the Prime Minister and his Deputy, Chief Ministers, Menteri Besar, Chief Justice and Ministers,” Ismail was quoted by BH as saying.

“The same goes for high-risk departments like the Royal Malaysian Police and the Royal Malaysian Customs.”

A few months back, amidst the whole Ops Cermin Gelap malarkey, JPJ proposed minimum permissible VLT levels of 25% for the rear side windows and rear screen.