The two-day workshop held by the transport ministry on June 2-3 to study and review the use of tint in vehicles has resulted in some changes to the permissible tint levels in automotive glass, according to a Berita Harian report.

Darker (or higher) tint levels will be allowed, but there’s a catch – the changes don’t cover the whole vehicle, but all of the glass areas on a vehicle except the front side windows and front windscreen, if the report is read right.

UPDATE: The Road Transport Department (JPJ) has clarified that the front passenger side window, like the driver’s side window, will also be required to have a 50% VLT rate, instead of 25% as previously reported. It has also stated that tint shops will be required to have VLT measuring equipment, and that if the requirements are approved by the transport ministry, it will work with the Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism ministry (KPDNKK) and SIRIM to standardise the VLT of tint films sold in Malaysia.

In addition, JPJ reminded Approved Permit (AP) holders to remove the tint films that do not meet the specifications from their cars before selling them to prevent buyers from running afoul of the new rules. Finally, JPJ has denied presenting any certification permitting the sale and use of tint films to vehicle accessory shops.


Effective this month, the permissible visible light transmission level (or transparency rate) for both rear door windows as well as rear screen will be lowered from the existing 50% to 25%. In this case, the lower percentage figure translates to darker tint levels being allowed, meaning 75% of the light transmission going into the cabin in those specific areas can be cut out.

The level for the front side windows and front windscreen remains at the current VLT rate of 50% and 70% respectively. This means you can have darker tints for all glass areas on a vehicle save the front side windows and front windscreen, like normal privacy glass (below).

Deputy transport minister Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi told the publication that the amendments will be brought to the ministerial level for approval immediately.

Santa Fe Morocco-52-tint

No mention was made of Ops Cermin Gelap, but at last count, it’s still a go for June 16 as initially planned. The operation against vehicles with dark-tinted glass which fall foul of the existing rules will be led by the Traffic Police, with JPJ providing assistance.

Aziz had earlier explained that findings from the workshop, which would explore aspects like existing regulations, enforcement, security and usability, would determine the direction of the June 16 operation, as well as policies regarding the issue.

In an earlier report, Berita Harian had speculated that the revisions would allow the side windows and rear screen to be “darkened” to 30% VLT and that of the front windscreen to 50%. As it goes, you can still be done in at a roadblock by the tint level of your front side windows, unless you’re willing to go a lighter tint level for those and the windscreen. What do you think of the revised tint levels?