Toyota Motor Corp has announced a recall that involves a total of 361,800 vehicles globally for three separate defects. Models such as the Camry, Hiace, Regius Ace, Dyna, Crown and Crown Majesta are among the vehicles affected in the exercise.

In the case of the first glitch, a faulty ball joint on the Toyota Camry (made between March 2011 and August 2014) could lead to a loss of control of the vehicle. A total of 170,000 Camrys – 120,000 units in Europe, 40,000 units in Japan and around 60 in the US – are affected. Camry models sold in Cambodia, India, Myanmar, Pakistan and the Philippines are also involved.

The second defect involves a faulty fuel pipe on the Hiace, Dyna and Regius Ace models, with the vast majority of cases being in Japan. A total of 105,800 units of all three models are involved in the recall – the Toyota Hiace units sold in the Asia-Pacific region are not affected.

crown majesta 01

The third issue involves the Crown and Crown Majesta (pictured above) sold in Japan, totalling 86,000 units, with the outer seat belt assemblies of these cars requiring a replacement. Toyota has stated that no injuries or deaths have been reported as a result of all three defects.

On the local front, the last recall to affect UMW Toyota involved the Lexus IS and LS models. A check with UMW Malaysia has confirmed that none of the Camry and Hiace models sold locally are affected by the aforementioned defects.