If you recall, last week our nation played host to the final round of the 2014 Asia-Pacific Tint-Off Championship – a tournament which saw a total of 16 teams from 14 countries battle it out for the chance to be crowned the most professional tint installer in the region.

Contestants from countries such as Singapore, China, Kuwait and Australia along with many more were given a total time of two hours to fully tint a Volkswagen Passat with Llumar‘s range of AIR automotive films. Upon completion, they were judged on tidiness of the vehicle as well as the quality of application where uneven edge cuts, gaps and visible damages were accounted for.

The grand prize of US$3,000 was awarded to Mr. Ju Jongcheol from South Korea, who secured a final tally of 95 points. Doing our nation proud was Mr. Lim Loke Choon who secured second place with 94 points and receiving US$2,000. Mr Zheng Shihai of China took home US$1,000 thanks to his tally of 93 points.