Proton is offering to help owners whose cars were damaged by the recent floods get back on the road, through the latest iteration of its Proton We-Care Prihatin Banjir programme, which has been going on in one form or another since 2008.

Available at 67 service outlets nationwide, the service – which runs until March 15 next year – will offer affected owners a 20% discount on the total cost of repair on their vehicles, as well as free inspection, damage valuation and towing assistance to the nearest selected Proton service centre.

Proton also released a few tips on handling a flood-damaged car, which include:

  • Do not start your vehicle’s engine.
  • Do not use the remote control to unlock the vehicle’s doors. Instead, do this manually.
  • Make sure to remove the negative terminal of the battery to stop the flow of electricity in the vehicle.
  • All three measures above are intended to minimise damage to equipment, in particular to electrical and mechanical components of the vehicle. If these steps are taken, some equipment may still be saved.
  • After turning off the vehicle’s electricity supply, remove valuables from the vehicle, lock the door manually and get the vehicle towed to an authorised Proton service centre.

Owners can contact Proton’s customer hotline at 1800-888-398 for enquiries, assistance or towing service requests.