The next-generation W213 Mercedes-Benz E-Class has been sighted, and this time our spy photographers have managed to get a peek at the interior. Just like the C-Class, it looks like all the next generation Mercedes-Benz cars are getting a massive uplift in interior quality because just look at that – it’s a variation of the stunning interior in the W222 S-Class!

The entire dashboard has a massive piece of wood sweeping across it, with four air-con vents in the middle. Unlike the S-Class, there’s no clock in the middle of the dash – it along with the climate controls have been moved down to a panel below. This means the trim running across the bottom of the wood trim is a single piece instead of being interrupted by the climate control buttons like in the S-Class.


Above the big expanse of wood is a COMAND screen that follows the more integrated design of the S-Class, installed in a single large binnacle together with instrument cluster, instead of being a floating tablet like seen in recent Mercedes-Benz cars. At first we thought every car other than the S-Class would get the tablet design since the M-Class facelift (now called GLE) and CLS-Class facelift adopted that design as well.

Looks like while the W205 C-Class is a baby S-Class on the outside, the E-Class will be a baby S-Class on the inside! What do you think of the new E-Class interior?