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After just nine months of being appointed the head of Tesla China, Veronica Wu has resigned from the position, according to a report from Bloomberg. Prior to coming aboard Tesla to replace her predecessor, Kingston Chang, Wu was tenured at Apple Inc.

Her successor, Tom Zhu, is the current head of the carmaker’s charging network development in China. Currently, there is still no clear indication on when Wu will officially cease to be active. It was made known that Wu did not immediately respond to calls regarding the news.

Wu’s resignation comes just after seven months since the introduction of the Tesla Model S into the local market. With plans already in motion for the Model S to be assembled in China within the next few years, it would appear that this hiccup in management has not adversely affected the firm.

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In a company-issued email, it was stated that “we (Tesla) remain confident in the Chinese market. We’ll continue to focus on providing an amazing experience to all customers, so that they can become our advocates and help us accelerate the transition to sustainable transportation.”

After the United States, specifically the state of California, China remains as one of Tesla’s biggest market. Currently, the firm has a total of nine dealerships all over the nation and has entered deals with companies such as Soho China Ltd. and China Unicorn to further expand its supercharger infrastructure.