Looks like a grey importer has brought in a Tesla Model S. Reader Syamil Hisham saw this example parked by the side of the road at the old LCCT. It’s unregistered with no road tax sticker, and if you look closely you can see a trade plate sitting on the dashboard.

This particular right hand drive model is the P85+, as can be seen by the badging on the rear. The P85+ has been discontinued, replaced by the more powerful P85D (D for dual, as in dual motors) which uses one motor on each axle, effectively providing all-wheel drive.

The P85+ single motor does 416 hp and 600 Nm of torque, with all of that torque coming in from zero rpm. The super wide torque band allows the Model S to run on just one gear – equivalent to the first gear of a regular car’s gearbox. That’s just mind-blowing. The 100 km/h sprint is reached in 4 seconds.


There are special cars and then there are special cars. The Model S isn’t low slung, wide and bestowed by wildly eye catching bodywork like a limited edition Lamborghini but looking at one in person is like like looking at the future of motoring right here in the present. You know that if you ever had a chance to get behind the wheel of one, it’s going to be a drive unlike any other that you’ve had before.

If you can somehow lay your hands on one, you’ll be on your own in terms of maintenance. There’s no Tesla representative here, not even in Singapore, where the company packed up and closed shop a few years ago. This right hand drive Tesla was probably sourced from the UK, Hong Kong or Australia.

We’re not sure if an official representative will ever come here, since they’re not likely to bother with this market on their own, yet have a direct sales only policy that won’t allow an end user to buy one through a dealer who might want to bring the car in. But who knows, this policy might change.