Tesla Motors founder and CEO Elon Musk has confirmed to Bloomberg that he has, indeed, met with Apple, amidst wild speculations of a possible partnership, merger or even acquisition between the two companies. Could we be on the verge of seeing the creation of an iMobile (as in BatMobile) to go along with our iPhones and iPads?

Musk, however, “can’t comment on whether those [conversations] revolved around an acquisition.” That leaves the door open for the other two possibilities – partnership or merger. He then added that he’d prefer his company to focus on its own model lineup, which includes the existing Model S premium sedan and the upcoming Model X SUV (concept shown below).

According to Musk, the all-electric off-roader is now set to enter the American market in 2015, a year later than planned. The delay is due to the CEO himself “not being completely happy” with the product. “It’s damn hard to make an SUV, in particular, that is beautiful and yet incredibly functional at the same time,” he said.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model X Concept