Here it is, the next generation BMW 7-Series. These pix were uploaded to the Facebook fan page of a Swiss BMW fan club, and were first published by AutoWeek Netherlands.

The model here is the G11, which is the short wheelbase companion to the long wheelbase G12. Malaysia will likely get the long wheelbase exclusively just as it is with the current F01/F02 model, although grey importers do bring in the short wheelbase as well. The 730d badging on the rear indicates a 3.0 litre six-cylinder turbodiesel under the hood.

Speaking of hoods, the shut line now neatly meets the kidney grille and the headlamps, which essentially hides it. This is very different from the F01/F02 where the hood shut line made itself very obvious positioned a few inches aft of the nose of the car.

On an overall, the slimmer look of the car’s headlamps and tail lamps reminds me of the old E38 7-Series, which was the last ‘slim’ 7-Series before things really bloated up with the E65/E66 and the F01/F02.

This leaked car doesn’t have its ignition on, so we can’t see how the lights are lit up, but previous spyshots that we’ve ran can give us an idea.

The graphics employ thinner solid bars for both the tail lamps and the new ‘question mark’-shaped daytime running lights. BMW previewed the new DRL design in a few concepts – the BMW Vision Future Luxury concept, the BMW Concept X4 and the BMW Concept 4 Series Coupe.


The interior looks simpler than expected, especially when compared to what Mercedes-Benz has done with the W222’s interior. We’ve already had some kind of idea of it before this – previous spyshots have revealed a partly disguised interior before this.

Think F30 dashboard design, scaled up and given shiny metal buttons, and you get the idea. We also see that the steering wheel’s airbag cover has been given a leather wrap, which is a nice touch. Rumours are that BMW will even offer a leather-wrapped engine cover with the new 7-er.


We don’t see the iDrive display turned on in the leaked photos, but we can refer to our previously published spyshots which show a completely revamped iDrive menu, this time featuring a horizontal list of a big icons instead of the current vertical text menu.

Word is that you not only get to control the new iDrive with the rotary knob, but it will be touch screen as well, which is similiar to what is available with Mazda Connect. Apparently there will also be a front passenger infotainment system – we wonder if this is a separate tablet or perhaps a multi-angle view display like Mercedes-Benz’s COMAND.

What do you think of the new BMW 7-Series so far?