The arrival of Munich’s latest flagship, the G11 BMW 7 Series, is clearly nigh – spied, detailed, even leaked; we know a lot about the big Bavarian bruiser even before its launch. Now, BMW has released a video that finally proclaims its arrival, slated for next week, June 10.

Thanks to pictures that surfaced on the Internet on New Year’s Day, we pretty much know exactly how the new 7er will look like; however, the new glimpses to the design are still welcome. Clear to see are the L-shaped headlights (which feature laser technology, a first on a regular non-i BMW), chrome trim on the Air Breather vents aft of the front wheels and kinked tail light graphics as seen on the facelifted 1 and 3 Series.


But it’s under the skin where the G11 will be a real leap forward. The addition of carbon fibre into the construction (BMW dubs this “Carbon Core”) enables the 7 Series to drop as much as 130 kg over its predecessor. There will also be standard all-round air suspension for the first time, a touchscreen iDrive display, gesture control and a remote parking feature that will get the car out of tight spots autonomously.

So, just over seven days to go, and we can’t wait to see how the new G11 BMW 7 Series squares off against its bitter rival and longtime benchmark, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Let the games begin!