Well, that’s it guys – BMW have officially beaten Audi to the punch by being the first to put laser headlights into series production. From autumn this year, the BMW Laser Light system will be available as an optional extra on the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sports car, which otherwise comes with full LED headlights as standard.

The lighting system uses a series of laser diodes that emit a powerful bundled beam that is projected via special lenses onto a fluorescent phosphorous substance inside the headlamp unit. This substance turns the laser beam into a bright, white light that is similar to daylight, which is pleasing to the eye.


This technology doubles the visibility range at full beam compared to conventional high-beam LED lights, while using 30 per cent less energy. Camera-guided high-beam assist prevents the headlights from dazzling oncoming traffic or vehicles ahead.

The other benefit is a reduction of size and weight, as laser diodes are ten times smaller than LEDs. This means that the size of the reflectors can also be smaller by a factor of ten versus the reflectors on conventional LED headlights.

BMW states that its other models will also be fitted with the BMW Laser Light system in the coming future.