Audi prologue

In its ever-intensifying bid to beat BMW and Mercedes-Benz, Audi will invest a total of €24 billion (RM102 billion) over the next five years – a chunk of which will be directed to the development “of electric mobility, connectivity and lightweight construction,” as Bloomberg understands.

About €16.8 billion (RM71 billion) or 70% of the total is said to be channeled into expanding Audi’s range of models in its portfolio. The company aims to have at least 60 models by 2020, an increase that will see the German marque develop and introduce a new model to fill every possible niche.

The ensemble of new models responsible for Audi’s onslaught will be comprised of a flagship sedan based on the Audi prologue concept as well as junior crossover, rumoured to be labelled as the Q1, that is expected to see the light of day in 2016.

Although Audi is second only to BMW in terms of global sales (a gap of 42,600 units in 2014), it still trails both BMW and Mercedes-Benz when it comes to performance in the North American arena. As a result, Audi is pinning its hopes on the upcoming Q7 e-tron to steal sales from the Tesla Model X SUV.

Two new assembly plants are also in the works as part of Audi’s aggressive expansion plans. The first is a facility in Mexico – due for completion in 2016 – which will build the Audi Q5 for the North American market. Following that, Audi’s new plant in Brazil is set to assemble the A3 and S3 starting next year.

The aforementioned injection of funds is part of Volkswagen’s main plan to surpass Toyota in global car sales. Under its parent company, Audi will invest a total of €4.8 billion (RM20 billion) annually on the development of new vehicles and technology as well as increasing production capacity on existing models.