audi q1 concept  sketch

The Audi Q1 has been given the nod for production and is set to join the company’s Q range of SUVs in 2016. It’ll slot in under the Q3, which is currently the automaker’s smallest offering in the category, and become the new entry-level Q model.

No details have been announced, be it for mechanicals or platform it’ll sit on, but it’s expected that the Q1 will utilise a variation of Volkswagen’s MQB platform and feature front-wheel drive and Quattro drivetrain options.

The Q family currently comprises the Q3, RS Q3, Q5, SQ5 and Q7 models, with the Q5 the best-selling of the lot by far – up to the end of October, Audi had delivered 194,430 units of the Q5, and total production volume for the model this year is expected to amount to around 230,000 units, making up more than half of the total Q volume.

The Q1 isn’t the only new Q coming about – reports indicate that Ingolstadt has plans to expand the family with Q4, Q6 and Q8 models. These will add to the expansion of the company’s product range from the current 49 to more than 60 models by 2020. Ambitious sounding indeed.