From the looks of it, Infiniti is just as excited as us for the launch of its Q60 concept that is set to preview the production model of the G37‘s replacement. As we eagerly await the unveiling, set to take place at the 2015 Detroit motor show, Infiniti has released a multitude of images to keep us busy.

On paper, the Infiniti Q60 is still a concept but judging from what is shown here, the finished article should be a carbon copy of said vehicle – staying true to design director, Johan de Nysschen‘s words of having it “very, very close to the next Q60.”

Hints of the Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge are evident in the concept’s bold front grille, along with the ‘split’ front bumper which further adds a hint of menace. Unfortunately, the concept’s delectable stance is unlikely to be replicated in the production model due to the absence of the massive 21-inch wheels equipped here.

When viewed from its side, the first detail that’s bound to pique one’s attention is probably the crescent-shaped ‘kink’ in the C-pillar, as seen on the Infiniti Q50. In true Japanese fashion, the rear of the car seems to possess a rather fussy outlook.

The extroverted exhaust layout seems destined to be just another concept-only addition. Apart from that, expect a slight reworking of the tail lamps and perhaps a less pronounced rear lip spoiler. Factor in the possibility of a subtler side vent aft of the front wheels and we could be looking at the production Q60 already.


Stepping inside reveals what could be the biggest clue as to how close the concept is to becoming a production model. With quilted leather seats and door panels along with hints of carbon-fibre to set the mood, the entire layout looks as if it could be featured in any current (albeit higher-end) Infiniti model.

As for technical specifications go, Infiniti has yet to reveal anything – fair enough, when the firm still views it as a concept. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a hotter, M4-rivalling Q60 to materialise in the near future. Meanwhile, let us keep calm and wait for January 13 to come.