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Proton has announced that Maybank, AmBank and Bank Muamalat are offering a moratorium of up to six months on car instalment payments and repayments for those affected by the recent East Coast floods, as well as a one-off waiver on late payment penalties.

The national carmaker said that the move will allow affected owners and their families to take things one at a time in the aftermath of the calamities. It urged those eligible, however, to contact the banks directly and submit their requests as soon as possible, in order to give them due notice and avoid penalties.

“We initiate this call to inform our Proton car owners who have a car loan with these banks to contact the respective banks immediately as this would help lift one burden off their shoulders temporarily,” said CEO Datuk Abdul Harith Abdullah. “This kind gesture from these banks provides us a basis to discuss with other financial institutions to see if they are able to extend similar assistance.”

Note that these facilities will not be limited to Proton customers – the said banks are also looking to provide up to six months’ grace period on all loans (not just automotive hire-purchase) on a case-by-case basis.

Meanwhile, the Proton Flood Relief Mission to the East Coast is moving to its second round, happening from January 7-9. The volunteers will assist in the cleanup of schools in Tanah Merah in Kelantan, as well as providing essential items in Temerloh in Pahang.