Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) has announced it has sold a record-breaking 9,419 vehicles in 2014, an increase of 17% from the 8,082 units it sold in the year before. The company consistently posted monthly sales upwards of 900 units, while a strong fourth quarter – with sales up a staggering 49% – helped close an impressive year for the Tristar.

Leading the charge were passenger car sales, which rose 29% from 5,388 units in 2013 to 6,932 units last year. Its core group of models, namely the C-, E- and S-Class, saw an 11% growth to 4,575 units, with the S-Class in particular scoring a phenomenal 388% increase to 635 units. The latter can no doubt be attributed to the W222 S 400 L Hybrid, introduced last May with a tax-exempted price of RM587,888.

Meanwhile, sales of Mercedes’ range of small cars, dubbed internally as the New Generation Compact Car (NGCC), jumped nearly 100% to 2,322 units. Last year saw the launch of the CLA- and GLA-Class, joining the existing A- and B-Class.


“This past year has been incredible for Mercedes-Benz Malaysia in every way,” said MBM president and CEO Roland Folger. “We saw record sales, especially in the passenger car segment. We flexed our muscles across the entire product line with the NGCC portfolio and brought customer experience to an all-time high.”

On the commercial vehicles side of things, Mercedes sales increased by 23% to 199 units, driven by fleet deals with Interway Transport, Hexagon Highs Transport and Swift Haulage, among others. Sales of Mitsubishi FUSO vehicles, however, were down 10% to 2,288 units.

Where energy-efficient vehicles (EEV) were concerned, MBM invested a total of RM15 million in its Pekan assembly plant to prepare it for the introduction of the CKD S 400 L Hybrid and E 300 BlueTEC Hybrid, which it said reaffirms its support for Malaysia’s aspirations of becoming an EEV manufacturing hub.

Folger noted that most of its cars technically qualify as EEVs, but the company has yet to conclude talks with the relevant authorities to gain proper certification.

Mercedes E300 Hybrid 1

Moving forward, Folger said that MBM was on target to kick off sales of CKD versions of the W205 C-Class sometime around April. He also mentioned that prices of Mercedes models are not likely to change significantly even after the goods and service tax (GST) is implemented on April 1, as the company is working to minimise and offset any increase in cost instead of passing it down to the customer.

Neither is the falling exchange rate expected to affect prices, according to Folger – MBM generally imports its cars and CKD packs from Europe, and the Euro is also dropping in value against the US dollar.

Overall, MBM intends to ensure the best possible experience for its customers in 2015. “As a member of the Daimler group, we will ensure that targets will surpass what we have achieved thus far. With the help of our dealer partners and entire organisation behind us, we believe that this beautifully choreographed series of events in 2014 will lead us to another phenomenal year in 2015,” said Folger.