2015_Perodua_Myvi_Facelift_Premium_X_vs_Advance_ 01

It may seem like a lot to take in – providing you a non-stop coverage of the 2015 Perodua Myvi facelift. However, we can’t stress enough how important (not necessarily the best) this car is, being the nation’s top-seller for close to a decade since it first hit the roads in 2005. Major changes include a rebranding of its range, bringing it in line with the nomenclature adopted on the Perodua Axia.

Additions standard on all models include the addition of a two-motion remote control, a multi-info display with service info, a tissue holder at the back of the front passenger seat, an anti-theft hook for bags, a retractable cup holder under the driver’s right air-con vent and a multi-purpose compartment located beneath it.

Mechanically, it’s the same story except for the addition of a new 4 E-AT automatic transmission, touted to aid in improving fuel efficiency. The 1.3 Premium X is priced at RM47,500 while the 1.5 Advance goes for RM58,500, both OTR with insurance. Metallic paint adds on RM400.

To save you the trouble of having to compare the two cars on two separate tabs (ugh, such effort), we have assembled a comparison gallery of two of the range-toppers from both engine variants, the 1.3 Premium X and 1.5 Advance. The most glaring difference comes at the front with the 1.3 Premium X adopting a more conservative grille design as opposed to the gaping, mesh-honeycomb hybrid design on the 1.5 Advance.

The headlights on the 1.5 Advance are projector units with LED guide lights while the 1.3 Premium X makes do with reflectors – the pre-facelift variants had projectors as standard across the range. Moving on to the side, it should be noted that both models have 14-inch alloy wheels with different designs – the 1.3 has an eight-spoke design, the 1.5 with spiral-themed wheels.

A closer look also reveal that both engine variants are equipped with different tyres. The 1.3 Premium X gets Silverstone Powerblitz tyres – measuring 175/65 on all models. On the 1.5 Advance, Goodyear tyres are featured – the thread pattern resemble those on the Goodyear Duraplus but isn’t labelled as such.

2015_Perodua_Myvi_Facelift_Premium_X_vs_Advance_ 02

Smaller contrasting side details include side skirts with a chrome strip running across the ‘side blades’ on the 1.5 Advance while the 1.3 Premium X (lacking the skirts) has them fully painted to match the body colour. At the rear, a different spoiler design separates the two models with the 1.3 Premium X receiving a rounded spoiler compared to the more aggressive, contoured one found on the 1.5 Advance.

Clear LED rear lamp assemblies, a different diffuser and a chrome exhaust pipe are further additions that distinguish the 1.5 Advance model over the 1.3 Premium X. On the inside, the smaller-engined model gets basic fabric seats while the 1.5 comes equipped with semi-bucket seats trimmed in leather.

There is a possibility to go on and on about the difference but that’s missing the point of this gallery. For now, close that spreadsheet (when your boss isn’t looking), make yourself a hot drink and see for yourself all there is to decipher between these two.

2015 Perodua Myvi 1.3 Premium X

2015 Perodua Myvi 1.5 Advance